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Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc.

Our purpose is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of America's backyard birds; migratory, woodland and urban.  Then we take those funds and care for the birds brought in to us, restoring 80% of them to their life of freedom.  We assist raptors, waterfowl and shore birds by giving first aid, then transporting them to area experts for continued care.  We also educate the public about what the small birds do for us and the planet, as well as offer ways to avoid creating a wild bird crisis.  

If you've found, or rescued a baby bird that you need to temporarily care for, or you've found an injured adult bird that needs medical care and rehabilitation, click on the Links tab to find a rehabilitator, or click on Rescue Manual tab for free suggestions that may help you until you find a local rehabilitator.

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Have an Emergency?
Baby Birds 911  !!!
Please click on our free Rescue Manual tab.  It is written for beginners and has tips, hints and feeding suggestions that will help you.  Your 2nd step is to then find a quality rehabilitator.  If you are not in our area check our Links tab.  It may have someone in your area that can help.  If it does not, then start telephoning vet clinics, zoos, the humane society until someone gives you names and phone numbers of people that can help.  And thank you for doing your very best to help a bird in trouble. 

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Clicking on the Robin T-Shirt will take you to our online store, Songbirds.  We have t-Shirts, Mugs, Postage Stamps, etc.  We ARE an iGive.com store.  Check it out!


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Click on the picture and read about our Birds for Young Bird Watchers program.

Our Programs

*Rehabilitation services for urban and 
  woodland songbirds.
*Give referral phone numbers to other
  area rehabilitators for many species.
*First aid and transportation for raptors,
  waterfowl and shorebirds.
*Education about songbirds and their needs.
*Education about the value of songbirds.
*Reading/science program for elementary
  schools about song birds.
*During winter months, Pat is happy to be   a speaker at your club.

Windows strikes, lawn poisons, pet attacks are some of the reasons wild songbirds are brought to us.  No government agency funds or reimburses us for the cost of rehabilitating.  Your donation is 100% tax deductable, so please, give generously.  Your own back yard will reap the benefits.  Thank you! 

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